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Module Luggage

- Width 18 in / 46cm
- Height  27.5 in / 70cm
- Length 16.1 in / 41cm

Total Weight
- 12 .7kg (5.5kg , 4kg,  3.2kg)
- 27.9 Ibs (12.1Ibs, 8.8Ibs, 7Ibs)

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Valluse Transforms


While all three bags can be carried individually, all three can also transform into one piece of luggage.
A total of six unique arrangements to match every packing need.

Large + Medium + Small

Fits more than almost any other suitcase

(3+ days, 2+ people) 

Large + Medium

Pack for a parent & child (3+days,2 people)

Large + Small

Pack light for two people. (2-3 days, 2 people)


Large Similar size to a standard suitcase.

Perfect for longer trips (3+ days, 1 person) 


Similar size to a small carry-on.

Perfect for a weekend get away (2-3 days, 1 person)  


Light weight & easy to carry.

Perfect for short trips (1-2 days, 1 person)

Separate and Arrange


Store your clothes, accessories, shoes, tablet and chargers

- all in different locations for ease of access.

Locking System


external locking system to secure your different compartments of luggage

Large Bag

49(L)x70(H)20(W)cm(excluding wheels)
19.3(L) x 27.6(H) x 7.9(W) inches

Medium Bag

49(L)x37(H)20(W)cm(excluding wheels)
19.3(L) x 14.6(H) x 7.9(W) inches

Small Bag

19.3(L) x 11.4(H) x 7.9(W) inches

 6 wheel in total 


 Main Trolley : 4 wheels 
 Medium Compartment : 2 wheels 

Our Design


Over the course of years, Valluse has been developed from ideation.

Valluse features an elegant trolley that speaks quality out aloud.

It is designed to be sleek and efficient

and suit the needs of all kinds of travelers.

Valluse has a sleek design and come with a big trolley

and two additional compartments that all go together as one unit,

easy to pull or push and designed to be used with ease!

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