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The assemble-system module travel luggage

Luggage that transforms to meet your travel needs.

Valluse can be arranged in six different configurations.


3 Bags in One

Metal Matrix

Reinforced Aluminum 

Six Configurations

Weather Proof  

TSA-Approved Lock


Premium Materials


Valluse is made using the finest quality materials, chosen after careful consideration.
As always, Valluse’s top priority is offering the highest quality to travelers.



Metal Matrix Reinforced Aluminum 


Bumper Shell Protection

Resistant to knicks & bumps  



Can withstand any weather Conditions


Slide bar and holder

Easy assemble system


TSA Approved

TSA Master key access


Aluminum frame

Anti-Theft &avoid zipper breakage

100% polycarbonate

Separate and Arrange


Store your clothes, accessories, shoes, tablet and chargers - all in different locations for ease of access.

With one big suitcase and two smaller compartments,

you can finally store everything and take it when you want without difficulty.


To meet the needs of different kinds of travelers, Valluse offers an innovative suitcase. If you’re traveling light, take only the trolley with you. If you want some extra space for your things, fit them in the two additional compartments.


Slide them on to the main trolley, and bingo, you’re ready to set off!

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